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Parts Listing for NISSAN SAFARI/PATROL Y60
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In Stock Out Of Stock Genuine Aftermarket
Y6003 Alternator, TD42 24V $395.00
Y6031 Cornerlight, LH Late Type 3378 $45.00
Y6047 Cornerlight, RH Early 3229 $45.00
Y6048 Cornerlight, LH Early 3229 $45.00
Y6049 Cornerlight, RH Late Type 3378 $40.00
Y6050 Cornerlight, LH Late Type 3378 $40.00
Y6035 Door Handle, LF Chrome $35.00
Y6036 Door Handle, RF Chrome $55.00
Y6040 Door Handle, LR Chrome $45.00
Y6041 Door Handle, RR Chrome $45.00
Y6038 Door Hinge, Front Upper $55.00
Y6039 Door Hinge, RH Lower $65.00
Y6058 Door Hinge, LH Lower $65.00
Y6015 Doorlock, Barrel RH 27mm $55.00
Y6032 Drag Link- Pin Type $245.00
Y6004 Fan Blade, TD42 Early $85.00
Y6007 Fan Blade, TB42 $125.00
Y6008 Fan Blade, TD42 Late $85.00
Y6029 Grille, Chrome/Painted $265.00
Y6033 Grille, Chrome/Facelift $295.00
Y6027 Guard Light, RH $45.00
Y6066 Guard Liner, RF $65.00
Y6067 Guard Liner, LF $65.00
Y6026 Guard, LH w/out Side Hole $395.00
Y6025 Guard, RH w/out Side Hole $395.00
Y6044 Interior Mirror Base - 10pk $35.00
Y6016 Lock Catch, Sliding Glass $22.00
Y6057LF Mud Flap, LF Non Flare Type $65.00
Y6057LR Mud Flap, LR Non Flare Type $65.00
Y6057RF Mud Flap, RF Non Flare Type $75.00
Y6019 Radiator Overflow Bottle $85.00
Y6042 Starter Motor, TD42 24V $395.00
Y6063 Starter Motor, TB42 12V $295.00
Y6064 Starter Motor, TD42 12V $495.00
Y6062 Steering Column Cover (Set) $65.00
Y6034 Tailgate Handle, Black $45.00
Y6011 Taillight, RH 4419 $110.00
Y6012 Taillight, LH 4419 $110.00
Y6065 Washer Bottle, Incls Motors $95.00
Y6059 Washer Motor $55.00
Y6001 Window Regulator, RF $85.00
Y6002 Window Regulator, LF $85.00
Y6009 Window Regulator, RR $75.00
Y6010 Window Regulator, LR $85.00
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